10th August 2011

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Diablo 2 Retro Simple Review

Diablo 2 Retro Review


Once again i find myself playing Diablo 2 waiting for Diablo 3 to release.

You can download digitally or buy retail version from Blizzard below by clicking on the picture.


Price Rating 5/5 - $29.99 For the battle chest (recommended).  Worth it.  Comes with Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD.  Also nice collecting items. If you happen to have the Collectors edition of original D2, i believe it`s worth quite a bunch.

Platforms:  PC, Mac

Dark Moon Rating - 9.5

Genre: Action RPG

The Good: Creepy environment. The endless playability. Blizzard really takes care of their games once released. 

The Bad: If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then you`re maybe fucked. Click N Shoot, Right Click, Left Click, click, click, click, clickity, fucking click.

Replay Value Rating 5/5  People still play a decade later. Diablo 2 up until this day, is still the best Action RPG out there. (Including expansion)

Old reviews - Gamespot 8.5 , IGN 8.3

Last Say: At the time Diablo had some realm issues, so i assume that`s why all the reviewers had a negative feast day for it. It wasn`t stable, & it wasnt playable for moments at a time. Once problem was fixed, it was unstoppable fun.

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